Halloween 2003


Hares: Paid To Lay & Divide My Pi

Hounds: Gilligan, Skinamax, No Blow, Peterphile, Cockpit, Crotchduster, Amelia, Wish U Were Queer, Tongue, Richard Pierce, Peace Whore, Snake My Hole, Canookie, Blow Jack, Wee Wee, Yoke Choker, Rolling Hooters, Just Jason, Just Christian, Just Jeremy, Manacocky, Bone My Ass, Shit Dickler, I Wear Short Shorts, Sunk’n Shit, I’m So F*cked

Visitors: Puta, F*ck Spot, Toys 4 Twats (Orlando), Cum Chowder, Kiddie Porn (Tampa), Ass Squealer (BVD)

Virgins: Jen (came with Just Christian), Joe (his mom and his brother made him cum), Amelia’s friend Dirty Dave

Scooby Snack Maker: Joy (Canookie’s Mom)

Some non-hasher types showed up late, but I didn’t get their names.

Hashers were greeted at the door by Divide My Pi saying, “here, stick your hand in this.” As tempting as that sounds, several people passed up the chance to fondle raw liver. (Unfortunately, I was not one of them-Y-U-C-K!!!!) The yard and house were all Halloweened up and everybody was duded up in their finest costumes.

We got good and warmed up drinking Witch’s Brew (don’t know what was in it, but it sure was good!), beer and jello shots before Paid To Lay announced that it was time for hash #739 to begin. The hares laid a short trail north on A1A for a block or two, past the Happy Ho Hotel, south on the beach for a bit and back to the house. We saw a strange mark on trail that we’d never seen before.


It was supposed to be a titty check. The hares finally had to tell us what it meant because we just stood there staring, scratching our heads. What a sight that must have been. Passersby seemed to really enjoy our costumes, though.

The circle was pretty typical for a DBH3 circle (read: out of control!). No Blow was losing his voice and having trouble getting the heathens to pay attention. We did the “anyone wearing wings” accusation again, since we had angels and butterflies among us. The visitors were called in for their down-down and Toys drank double for going to China and contracting SARS. For some reason, all bisexuals were asked to drink, and then it was changed to any female who’s licked a cooter, or something like that. Work with me here. Divide My Pi finally earned her 25 hash whistle. Wish U Were Queer did his “too long between” down-down since he’s been gone for 4 months. Sorry guys, that means Tongue-n-Groove is no longer available for gang bangs, circle jerks, orgies, etc. She’ll let you know when he leaves again. People who stayed at the house and didn’t do trail had to drink, as did people who skipped out on the beach and walked back to the house. Lazy bastards! Virgins and anybody without a hash name were also called on. And that’s all I remember about circle.

Then we went inside and drank blow job shots (that was after the circle, right?). It was pretty damn funny (and messy) watching the guys try to drink them without using their hands. We feasted on layered taco dip, veggies, coconut shrimp, sloppy joes and beans, then went outside to take some group photos and scare the neighbors.

Somebody (Amelia, perhaps??) suggested a trip to Lollipop’s to finish out our evening. So Amelia, Just Jason, Dirty Dave, Tongue’n Groove, Wish U Were Queer, Cockpit & Crotchduster headed that way. And just in time too since the keg blew just as we were leaving. I wish I could tell you what happened there, but what happens at Lollipop’s, stays at Lollipop’s. (I’m really just saying that because I don’t remember what happened there. Next thing I remember is waking up at Wish U Were Queer’s house at 10:00 the next morning!)

Thanks to Paid To Lay, Divide My Pi, Canookie, Joy and Just Jeremy for working their asses off to make the party a success. Great job guys! Same time next year.

Divide My Pi is offering a reward for her beaded red eyeball necklaces that turned up missing. They were hanging on hooks on the wall between the living room and the dining room. If you have them or know who does, please return them, no questions asked.

I say good day.