St Patty’s 2004

DBH3 Hash #759


St. Pattys Day

Hare: Jacuzzi Whore & Nature F*ck

Hounds: (I apologize in advance if I spelled your name wrong) Limp Dick, Whore E Potter, Fiiivvve Gooolddennn Riiiings, Just Tim, Skinamax, No Blow, Cockpit, Crotchduster, Gilligan, Richard Pierce, Waayyy Beyond Gay, Nunya F*ckin’ Business, Burning Bush, Flash, Virgin Laura, I Wear Short Shorts, Just Laid, Lunar E-clit, Wolves Down Semen, Muffin Eater, Lex Loins, Manacocky, Peterphile, Sweet Ass Pea, Horny Babe, Nookie Knacks, Just Carol, Jake Off, Missing Link, CooCoo 4 Coconuts, Mt. Dora, Felix the Crack, Hairy Itchy Bunghole, Just Dave, Buttcrack, Red Snapper, Down-n-Dirty, Crapper John, Thanks for the Mammaries, Star 69, Latrine Wolverine, Semicumfucter, Jethrow, Cursor, Mothsucker, Studwitch, Dirve, Otis, Spoke Her, Swamp Swindler, Drippy, Animal Mom, Jock Itch, Queen of Farts, Chicken Choker, Buzz Litebeer, Ass Packet, Just Puke, Muddy Mallard Mole Fucker, Mary Lou Rectum, Doofus White Boy